Diabetic heroes

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DIABETES IS literally a death that takes place limb by limb. Don’t kid yourself that insulin is somehow going to save you, take your life into your own hands,” warns Ranbir Singh Bhai, co-founder of Yogi Tea. The International Diabetes Federation estimates that a staggering 246 million people are affected worldwide. Within 20 years, this figure will approach 400 million. Around six people die of diabetes every minute! In India alone, 40 million people suffer from diabetes and this figure is likely to double by 2025, with Delhi being dubbed the ‘diabetes capital’ of the world. Around one in three of all children born in urban India are likely to become diabetic.

According to Dr Misra, obesity is the most important epidemic of the 21st century because of a growing popularity of junk, processed food, and animal products (especially dairy). A high calorie, low fibre and low nutrition diet coupled with ultra sedentary lifestyles does the damage. As Usha Alberquerque, documentary filmmaker points out, “So many parents continue to regard a fat child as a healthy child.” Alberquerque, director of a recent documentary about the sorry state of the national diet, argues that the lack of recreation and sports facilities coupled with public ignorance on matters of nutrition dampen a healthy lifestyle. SOULAR — Center for nutritional awakening, has now started producing a movie with the working title, Delhi’s Diabetic Super Heroes

At the heart of the movie is that healing diabetes is a shift in consciousness. The existing healthcare system available to most of us at present does little to support such a shift. Beating diabetes can only start with the conviction that the disease is not a fixed life sentence.

So what is the secret of the diet that promises this miraculous cure? This diet could not be simpler — just eliminate everything unnatural — all processed and animal product related foodstuffs. The miracle diet is simply as nature intended — entirely plant based, super low in fat and of food in its original state. Also, what people have to realise is that this is not a diet you stay with for a few weeks; it’s going to be a lifestyle shift that quickly leads you to experience an energy that you never thought was possible.

Dr Cousens has documented what happens when diabetic individuals are supported to switch their diet for 30 days. The results are truly inspirational. By the fourth day, people usually come off their insulin entirely with normal blood sugar levels by the end of the month. Not only is diabetes reversed, but this diet also appears to reverse the accelerated ageing that most hit in their 30s.

As part of Delhi’s Diabetic Super Heroes, the search is on for 10 volunteers to receive the supervised back up and guidance to prove to themselves, their families and the nation at large that far from being the beginning of the end, diabetes can be turned on its head to mark the beginning of the rest of your life. Are you up for the challenge? Could you be one of India’s first diabetic super heroes?

Masefield and Kaur are joint-directors of SOULAR – Center for nutritional awakening

[SOULAR will be screening There is a Cure for Diabetes at IHC, New Delhi on February 27, 2009]


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