Delhi cops arrest kingpin of kidney racket case in Kolkata

Waiting Room, Apollo Hospital, Delhi
Waiting Room, Apollo Hospital, Delhi. Photos: Hari Nair

The alleged kingpin of the kidney racket case, T Rajkumar Rao, was arrested in Kolkata on 7 June by a Delhi Police team, which traced him there.

It may be noted the police had busted the racket on 2 June with the arrest of two Indraprastha Apollo hospital employees— Shailesh Saxena, 31, and Aditya Singh, 24— and three touts— Aseem Sikdar, 37, Satya Prakash, 30, and Devashish Moulik, 30— on charges of persuading poor people to ‘donate’ their kidneys. They are presently in police custody.

The Delhi Police believe Rao runs a kidney racket across several countries. With his arrest, those detained for their roles in the kidney racket case has gone up to nine.

Earlier on 7 June, the Delhi Police arrested three kidney donors, including two women.  “We have arrested two women donors from Kanpur and one person from Siliguri,” said DCP Mandeep Singh Randhawa, according to NDTV.

“The accused prepare bogus papers, including identity proof, to establish the relationship between the donors and the recipients.”

People from West Bengal, Kanpur, Delhi and Chennai in Tamil Nadu regularly fall prey to the accused.