Delhi Chief Secretary slams HODs for not exercising powers


KK SharmaIn an office memorandum, Delhi Chief Secretary K K Sharma has asked all its Head of Departments (HODs) to exercise the powers delegated to them, so that the development works and social welfare measures can be accomplished more quickly.

As far as the work is concerned, the Delhi government has observed that many HODs are not exercising their powers delegated to them which invariably delays and disrupts smoother functioning. The memorandum warned the bureaucrats to expedite implementation of development works and other important programmes.

“It has come to notice that matters like, acceptance of lowest bid in an open tender are being referred to FD,” the memorandum read.

HODs have been advised to exercise their delegated powers, within their financial delegation and as per the rules without referring such proposals to the finance department, as consultation with the finance department is only required in matters where FD’s prior concurrence is necessary, or where proposals have any financial bearing that involves expenditure.