Delhi BJP leader lays siege on public land

Fake estate Public properties such as this one are being exploited privately for profit making.
Fake estate Public properties such as this one are being exploited privately for profit making.

The land grab saga does not end here. The next land to have been acquired in a similar way was designated for road widening by the dda according to rti reports. The land falls in the Abul Fazal enclave near Sarita Vihar and has an area of about 23,620 square meters. The Khasra numbers for the land are 490/421, 546/491, 421/548, 562/424, 426, 431, 436, 438 and 790/449. The cost of the land is estimated around 1,100 crore as per today’s market rate.

The land was lying vacant till 2006 when it was taken over by the DDA. Therefore, there could be no possibility of a case made for its regularisation, since, according to the rule, only colonies existing before 2002 could be taken into consideration for it. But, Braham Singh built makeshift huts in the area in order to obtain for it the status of a regularised colony. He submitted another bogus list in order to do so. A visit to the area reveals that none from the said list are living there and the names mentioned are yet again of Singh’s own relatives, some of whom are not even residents of Delhi.

Others in Singh’s family have also been in influential political positions and have aided in setting up this multi-crore land racket. In her five year tenure as an MCD councillor from Madanpur Khadar, Singh’s wife, Kamlesh, used her powers to illegally procure provisional certificates for these colonies. A complaint had also been filed against her by former NCP MLA Ramvir Singh Bidhuri along with social activist Arun Rai regarding the same.

Braham Singh’s brother, Niranjan Singh, is looking after the illegal land in Radha Krishna Vihar. Niranjan is an associate of a senior Congress leader from Rajasthan. Indraj Singh, another one of his brothers, has illegally occupied almost 27,100 square meters of DDA land (Khasra no 1076/784) in the JJ (Jhuggi Jhonpri) colony (slum) in Madanpur Khadar. The cost of the land is estimated to be more than 150 crore. A large part of this land is also being used for the cultivation of vegetables for commercial use while the rest has been rented out to Dhabas and garages. In June 2008, the DDA had carried out demolitions in the area to reclaim the land and placed its board there. But, the board was soon removed and the land was taken over once again by the land grabbing politicians through their DDA connections.

DDA vice-chairman Balwinder Kumar has written to the Divisional Commissioner of south Delhi asking him to take action against the culprits since the land belongs to DDA for settling slum dwellers. He told Tehelka that a two member committee will be formed to look into the matter. Sanjay Singh, of the Aam Admi Party (AAP) has also demanded an inquiry against Braham Singh.

Needless to say, the stakes involved are too high here, landholdings worth thousands of crores have been occupied illegally under the noses of both the state and the Central governments. It is not mere coincidence that Singh joined the BJP from the BSP just a day before the declaration of the 2015 Delhi assembly elections. Party sources confirmed that the shift was only to keep control of the illegally amassed land.


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