Delhi Elections 2015: AAP on top, BJP second, Cong routed say Exit Polls


arvind_kejriwal2The people of Delhi have voted in a big way in 2015 Assembly Elections. But it was not that way when the voting began in the morning on February 7.  In fact, voting was rather moderate till the afternoon. But after 3 pm, the voting gathered momentum and stayed on till the very end. And  what was looking like a poor turnout translated quickly into bumper voting  in the capital thus throwing up many possibilities as to who would eventually form the government and which party got the advantage from this bumper voting.

As the voting ended after arguably one of the most bitter campaigns  in recent times, the focus was on the Exit Polls as it would give  a fair idea as to how the parties in the fray  i.e. BJP, AAP and the  Congress  did in the elections.  From the very beginning it was said to be a contest between the BJP and its main challenger AAP. The Congress was  a distant third.

And when the exit poll results came out it was a surprise. The AAP which had started its campaign in October seemed to have benefited with its strategy of hitting the campaign trail early. If media reports and exit polls have got it right then the result to come through on February 10th will in all probability lead to Arvind Kejriwal-led Aam Aadmi Party to get a clear majority and form the next government in Delhi. All exit polls are predicting that AAP will easily cross the halfway mark of 35 in the 70-member Delhi Assembly.

 According to the exit poll conducted by India Today-Cicero, the AAP will easily get majority in Delhi Assembly. The exit poll gives 38-46 seats to AAP with 42 per cent votes, 19-27 seats to BJP with 36 per cent of votes while Congress is facing another rout and is likely to get only 3 to 5 seats with only 15 per cent of total vote share.

 The India TV-C Voter exit poll has given 35-43 seats to AAP after it predicts 43 per cent vote share for the party, 25-33 seats to BJP with 40 per cent of votes and only 0-2 seats to Congress with just 11 per cent vote. As per this poll others are expected to bag just two seats.

 Whether the  Exit polls  are correct or not will be proved on February 10th when the results will be declared. Till then all parties are keeping their fingers crossed and waiting for the results.

 Nevertheless, the Exit polls have more or less suggested that the BJP’s masterstroke of nominating Kiran Bedi as chief ministerial candidate has not gone down well with the people, AAP has bounced back strongly, and Congress is a party in total disarray. It is hard to fathom a party which under Shiela Dixit was at the helm for 15 years is now being pushed into   virtual political irrelevance and ending up third  in the electoral battle.

 Will AAP on February 10th  create history? This leaves BJP and the Congress with plenty to introspect and ponder as to what went horribly wrong.


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