Delhi 2015 Election Results: Has BJP strategized its own defeat ?


assam - bjpThe BJP which has been on a winning spree in Maharashtra ,Haryana ,Jharkhand and managed a good performance in Jammu and Kashmir has faced a huge loss in Delhi, and that also to a nascent political party. There are many theories which are being put forward dissecting the results threadbare and drawing many conclusions.

 However given their apetite for power, the deadly combine of Prime Minister Narendra Modi and his close confidant and BJP national president Amit Shah will not be that easily cowed down. It may also be recalled as to how Narendra Modi has been continuing a winning streak in Gujarat for the past three terms without any doubt of victory. Modi is also a political leader who never leaves any stone unturned and there can never be a failure of such magnitude in an election led and strategized by Modi and Amit Shah for that matter.

 It seems that the BJP has worked out a strategy at the highest level with the RSS in toe as to go for a defeat in Delhi and allow Arvind Kejriwal to win. The BJP which has a very well oiled machinery has RSS cadres working for the party at the grass root level giving in inputs to the top party leadership and with such a professional management how did BJP end up loosing? This means that there was a deliberate deal by the top BJP leadership to lose Delhi. Was internal bickering in Delhi BJP behind this move? Let’s look at the possibilities.

The party leadership wanted the focus to shift from BJP to Arvind Kejriwal as after his victory the media has started eulogizing him with words or praise. Almost all the discussions are on Kejriwal and his team and how the “Muffler man” has finished the BJP and how he will be ruling Delhi. Administering a government is not easy and Kejriwal will have lot of answers to provide to the impatient Delhiites on the promises he has made but it will be difficult for him to implement given the hostile government at the centre which would not yield to the demands of the new government. His promises of reducing electricity tariff to half , free drinking water and free WiFi will all be tested in the days to come. If by any chance he cannot provide any of these factors, then the same media and public will create noises against him and his new government.

 This would again lead to a media frenzy against the new Delhi government, much to the delight of Modi and Amit Shah and the top BJP and RSS leadership. Also with Finance Minister Arun Jaitley preparing the new budget , it seems that there are a slew of measures directed at development which includes even disinvestment of shares from the Public Sector Undertakings as well as some measures which would be tough for the people to digest as it will affect them directly in the near future.

 All these would have created much of a hue and cry throughout the country against the government , but by that time the AAP government will be getting more media attention and the BJP leadership expects to sail through the budget.

 Another important fact is that the BJP is facing the electorate in Bihar and Uttar Pradesh in the near future, and a loss in Delhi would give the party and its cadres the necessary impetus to work for these elections which are much more important to BJP as this would give the party the added strength in the Rajya Sabha to push through several bills. The BJP and RSS cadres can be galvanized from this very moment to depute them as foot-soldiers in the Hindi heartland for the grass root work in Bihar and Uttar Pradesh ,the two states the BJP and the RSS is expecting to do miracles as far s their their long term goals are concerned and for the fulfillment of their broader Hindutva dream in the Hindi heartland. So even if Delhi is lost by a huge margin, the BJP can make sure that it is winning both Bihar and Uttar Pradesh with good margins with the help of the grass root work by the cadres who will be much more active given the unexpected failure their party has faced in Delhi.


  1. Modi & Amit shah tried their best in Delhi but the people of delhi preferred Kejriwal as they had seen what Modi did in six months .People want a corruption free government which only Kejriwal can give as all others are themselves involved in corruption .The promises made by Kejriwal mean bread and butter to the poor so they voted for him.The Author is just trying to defend Modi and the story seems to be planted to save the PM’s image.

    • Mr. Sharma, Three is Modi and Amit shah’s lucky number and they campaigned hard with so many MPs and Jaitley so that they can lose with three seats. BJP could’ve lost by 34 or 30 or 24 seats too, but Modi and Shah insisted they had to lose by 3 seats. Please understand what the Author is trying to say.

    • frankly speaking, i felt the same thing as i was reading the article. The author is just trying to save PM’s image. it is like telling I fell flat on my face, but there is no dust on my mustache.

  2. Congress Mukt Bharat does not necessarily mean an Opposition Mukt Bharat. Whatever has happened has happened for good and whatever will happen will happen for good. Meanwhile critics would do well to understand this fact that the “NaMo phenomenon” remains very much alive and kicking and if anything it would only grow in the coming years and months.

  3. Very intelligent, you cannot be more accurate. Apparently I also heard that BJP wanted to lose with exactly three seats as it was Modi and Shah’s lucky number. Though I have heard from insiders that some people suggested that they could’ve lost with seats between 20-30 seats; but the PM and Shah insisted that they had to lose by 3 seats as it was their lucky number.

  4. Very smart analysis indeed. Modi and Amit Shah along with Jaitley put their entire reputation and the reputation of several dozen MPs for a tiny state election with so many campaigns and rallies just so that they can lose with three seats. Probably, they didn’t think that they were able to lose even if they had won 30 seats? is that what you are saying?

  5. complete nonsense. never heard such a BS….it seems that there is a section of media that is helping BJP/Sangh Parivar spread this conspiracy theory. The fact that BJP still got 31% votes proves that their vote share has not dropped in this election which demolishes this theory.

  6. Looking at the vore shares it is clear that while BJP maintained its traditional vote share largely intact (around one percent dip, as compared to last assembly elections), but it were the voters of kejriwal plus all other rejected/dejected parties like congress, mamata, bukhari (means almost all minority voters of Delhi), nitish, lalu (convicted by court for 5 years imprisonment but roaming freely on bail), mulayam, mayawati all combined on one hand that went against Modi. With all this aap managed to cross 50 percent vote share. So these results are not surprising. If this happens at a national level, Modi can be easily defeated there too. The voters of Kejriwal are people of Delhi, a large majority from lower income group, who are mesmerized by the promises of free bijli, free paani, free WI-Fi, free education, free healthcare, free this, free that, but who are still not in the tax-payers group, and think that somebody else would happily pay taxes for their freely funded life without asking for any accountability. However the big question is if all this dole-culture sustainable at all for India, and does it make a healthy policy. Concepts like skill development, sustainability, and self-sustainance of citizens seem to be alien to kejriwal. Not even one line has been uttered by aap on these topics so far. This is no different than that NREGA (read free but useless employment) or that funny Free Food Bill (for 70 percent people of India??? Laughable). India rejected rahul gandhi wholeheartedly for promoting such dole-culture in India. Which sections of society would be forced to bear the brunt of kejriwal’s misadventures with Delhi’s finances is question which begs for an answer today.

  7. Interesting facts given by the author. Yes, this loss in Delhi Elections is very astonishing, until and unless they themselves wanted so to happen. There is a big thinking behind this game of politics. BJP have gained time for real instrospection 5till the time Media is busy with AK and his victory March.
    This seems just unacceptable that this could have happened unless they have sincerely desired and planned so. This budget has to have something for the
    common man but some harsh decisions too. But practically Modi Ji has to have
    much more strength in RS so that his work would become much easy. We would have to just wait and watch the next six months that would tell the real intention of BJP as a whole.


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