Defiant North Korea launches 3 missiles that can hit all of South Korea


Ikorean defiance of the international community and UN Security Council’s resolutions, North Korea has once again test-fired three ballistic missiles.

Two SCUD missiles and one Rodong, home grown one on Russian SCUD technology, which can fly to a distance between 500 km to 600 km, and were launched into the sea by North Korea. Whereas, the Rodong, an intermediate range ballistic missile, was launched after an hour

The missiles were launched from North Korea’s western region called Hwangju between 5:45am and 6:40 am (South Korea time).

North Korea, which had cut off all relations with the US, had stated last week that it would take soon action, once the US and South Korea announced state-of-the-art anti-missile defence system.

Meanwhile, experts are still analysing the trajectory of the Rodong missile, whereas, the range of the SCUD missiles could strike anywhere within South Korea.

While China did not immediately denounce the launches, Japan has flayed them.