Defence Minister alleges former PMs “compromised India’s assets”



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In a blow to the UPA regime and the regimes before, Defence Minister Manohar Parrikar, in a rather controversial statement, has alleged that “some former Prime Minister’s compromised India’s deep assets” on national security. Parrikar, however, has not named anyone.

The comment has infuriated Congress, which had been in power for much of the past six decades, losing only last year to rival party BJP. Manish Tiwari, Congress MP,  has asked the minister to show documents in this regard and if not then apologise for this comment.

Parrikar reportedly made the comments while explaining why he did not want to reveal any details about a Coast Guard operation on December 31 in which a boat from Pakistan blew up in the Gujarat coast. The source of information may have been compromised, he said.

“We intercepted it from 200 km away. For 24 hours, the boat was going in circles. Is that not enough proof? What more do you (reporters) want? I was asked to give ‘proof’ but I refused. I said ‘absolutely not’ because the source might be compromised. You have to build assets and you have to build deep assets. Deep assets are assets which have to be created over 20-30 years, but this country has seen PMs who have compromised deep assets. I won’t take names. Many people know,” Parrikar said at an event in Mumbai.


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