De-toxified Arvind Kejriwal all set to rejuvenate AAP

Delhi CM Arvind Kejriwal
Delhi CM Arvind Kejriwal

The last ten days have been dramatic days, not just for AAP , but also for its founder Arvind Kejriwal. Ten days after his treatment for Chronic cough and uncontrollable Blood Sugar, Arvind Kejriwal is all set for discharge from Jindal Naturopathy Centre here in Bengaluru. The doctors who have been working on him attributed his poor health
condition on admission as “ A classic case of faulty and stressful lifestyle that included high consumption of aerated drinks ,irregular eating habits high level of pollution leading to accumulation of toxins in his body”.

The final medical bulletin also said it required immediate attention and that the last ten days they have ensured that a detoxified Arvind Kejriwal is back to his work schedule from Monday in Delhi. Medical bulletin says that his sugar is stabilized, the chronic Arvind cough luckily has vanished . Medical bulletin also says that 70% of his medication has been withdrawn.

While the naturopathy therapy has worked wonders on Arvind , it indeed was a regimented course with strict discipline that had to be followed and will need to be followed in future as well. The bulletin reads “ He has been advised lifestyle modification, dietary changes and daily dose of yogasana, pranayam and kriya”.

While Arvind’s treatment ended , he will be resting in the Jindal Naturopathy Centre on Sunday and depart on Monday afternoon to take charge of Delhi, which he conquered with enviable majority. But the question remains that at end of this entire effort, will Arvind be able to take care of the parameters ,most of them beyond his control that ledto his condition at time of admission to the De-tox regimen.

While aerated drinks, may be easy for Arvind to give up, the other causes for his ill health mainly stress caused by the recent developments in the party, the high pollution levels in New Delhi will need a lot of efforts from him. For ten days Arvind managed to stay away from any stress caused by continuous media glare and others asking tough questions of him. But once back to his routine as Chief Minister of Delhi with biggest mandate that anyone could ever enjoy, Arvind will have a lot of questions to answer on the issues relating to his party which has suffered a huge
dent in its image,partially because of internal reasons.

While time is a healer , and with practically no opposition party in the opposition , there is no threat to his government in Delhi Arvind may be able to handle things , as most of his loyalists have been able to defuse the situation to a big extent. With internal bickering, desertions and factionalism controlled to some extent in the last few days, Arvind may be left with a bigger task of handling Governance of Delhi and also working on expansion plans of the party especially in poll bound states.

The bigger challenge, however for the Delhi Chief minister is going to be fulfilling the poll promises made to the voters. While some of them are being kept p, there are still several challenges like full statehood which may require a lot of political deftness on his part. The recent classification of Delhi as the most polluted city in the world, by a WHO report will now warrant an early action from Arvind Kejriwal not just for his own health , but for the teeming millions of Delhiites who breathe the same air day in and day out as their chief minister. Arvind Kejriwal will have to remember that while may have the luxury and the resources to get a naturopathy rejuvenation , millions of his voters do not enjoy the liberty and the luxury.


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