DCW honours people from all walks on International Women’s Day



Delhi CM Arvind Kejriwal, while speaking at the annual International Women’s day celebrations of Delhi Commission for Women (DCW) criticised  Prime Minister Narendra Modi for following Twitter handles of “gunda-mawalis”.

He said this discourages agencies to take action against those men as they are being followed by the Prime Minister. He also praised the work done by DCW and lashed out at the central government for filing audit against them and hindering their work.

On this occasion, 31 people were awarded from different walks of life for showing courage in the face of adversity. Awards were presented by Arvind Kejriwal, Maneka Gandhi, Rajdeep Sardesai, Ram Niwas Goel, Sakshi Malik, Shereen Bhan and other notable personalities.

The women were honored not because they are famous but because they had impacted the society with their courage, determination and initiatives. These heroes were as diverse as Bhori Devi who had stopped the marriage of a one-year-old girl and was raped and tortured in return, Doris Francis who manages traffic at Khoda, Indirapuram and Delhi after her daughter died in a road accident and famous personalities like Sakshi Malik and Swara Bhaskar for their overall achievement. In addition men like Jaheer Khan who had stopped a child marriage, Shani Srivastava who saved a girl from trafficking and various poilcemen who had gone beyond the call of duty were also honoured.

20170308_140244Subhasini Mistry, is one such example whose husband died due to lack of medical care. She took the loss in her stride and set up ‘Humanity Hospital’ that treats patients for free. She earned her living by selling vegetables. The hospital which started as small setup in her house, now has two branches, one in Hanspukur and the other in Sunderbans. Apart from her own son who is a doctor, there are 20 other doctors at the hospital. Collectively both the hospitals have 65 beds and daily numerous people avail the free treatment at the hospital which is now expanding its areas to remote corners too. Inspite her old age she is dedicated to her mission of making healthcare available to everyone.

20170308_110713Another remarkable story is of Laila Shah is a transgender who has been contributing for the betterment of society since the last 15 years. Her name caught people’s attention when during Diwali in 2014, there was communal violence in Trilokpuri, a locality in East Delhi. While Hindu-Muslims were engaged in violence with each other, Shah came stepped in between to end the violence. Shah, along with other members of her community blocked the gates of Block-B Trilokpuri to stop the people from entering the colony. After the incident, she undertook a cleanliness drive in the area. Her efforts received praise from the Prime Minister himself who acknowledged her efforts in a tweet.  A believer in “Ek Bharat, Shreshtha Bharat”, Shah believes in transcending all the boundaries of caste, class, gender and colour to serve the country.