Chhota Shakeel may take over from Dawood, if gangrene reports are true


Dawood Ibrahim, Dawood Ibrahim's properties to be auction today

It has been reported that the mafia don Dawood Ibrahim has advanced stages of gangrene so much so that he may have to undergo amputation.

If these reports are true, the police officer  who probed Mumbai underworld for years together, has said that only Chhota Shakeel can take over the mantle from the mafia don, who has time and again evaded the Indian police.

Doctors treating the underworld don at his residence in Karachi say he is practically immobile due to the gangrene. According to reports, the doctors attending on the don are from two hospitals in Karachi — Liaquat National Hospital, Karachi and Combined Military Hospital.

The doctors also said high blood pressure and blood sugar are the likely causes behind Ibrahim’s gangrene.

However, Chhota Shakeel and senior intelligence officials have denied the reports  and claim that the Mumbai bomb blasts mastermind is fit. Reports of a gangrene infection may have been floated to obstruct Dawood’s business, added Shakeel.

If Ibrahim is indeed suffering from gangrene, and if his condition is serious then it will have bad consequences for India’s pursuit of justice for the 1993 Mumbai bomb blasts that were exacted by Ibrahim and his associates in wake of the communal riots after 1992 demolition of the Babri Masjid in Ayodhya.