Darren Aronofsky Ki Aag


The Plot
Anusha (Gill) comes to Mumbai to be a star. She leaves a highly emotional and intense love story back home in the form of Robin (Dobriyal). After the usual industry letdowns, she finally gets somewhere because of her chemistry with a studio executive. When she lands a film, they celebrate with their friends and in a smooth manoeuvre, the boy lands in bed with her. Robin freaks out because he couldn’t get through to her, lands up at their doorstep. Then a lot of naked and gory stuff. And towards a criminal case, we march!

BY Mona J

Ram Gopal Varma
Deepak Dobriyal, Ajay Gehi, Mahie Gill

-10 Because Instead Of Juicing The News,.RGV should have written an original story.

+6 For The Portfolio Photoshoot-Styled Title Credit Sequence.Minus three for the song playing with it though.

-10 For The Horror Movie Background Score. The film’s raw edge drowns in the violins and glimpses of gregorianish chants.

-10 Because The Camera Helped Murder this film. Minus 10 for making a gory movie with terrible fake blood.

-4 For Having A Realistic Sex And Violence Storybut executing the sex scene like a Nirodh ad made by Eli Roth.

+10 To Deepak Dobriyal. Touchwood, the man never fails to deliver. From the insecure boyfriend to the impulsive murderer.

+10 To Mahie Gill for embodying her character, and Urmila Matondkar, both with mindboggling excellence.

Rangeela+Requiem for a dream, Where instead of Drinking with Pakiya, Aamir kills Jackie shroff

+6 To The Rest Of The Cast.Not the extras, though.Ramuji, were you playing Dogme with the casting of extras?

+5 For The Excellent Set.The Bombay flat is perfect. Ayan Mukherjee, are you listening?

+2 For The Cover Of Rahman’s Rangeela Re. Plus three for the Requiem for a Dream’s Lux Æterna/Rangeela Re mash-up.

+10 For The Realism Madhur Bhandarkar should call RGV and take some notes.

+5 Because Yayy! There is real dialogue as opposed to loud music in this RGV film.

+2 For Good Storytelling.Minus five because that text at the end of the story was like beating a nice cliffhanger climax till it is sore.


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