Dabholkar’s murder could be state-sponsored: Raj Thackeray

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Mumbai, Sep 19 (PTI): Expressing anguish over no breakthrough in rationalist Narendra Dabholkar murder case even after a month, Maharashtra Navnirman Sena (MNS) chief Raj Thackeray today alleged the killing could be “state-sponsored” one.

“Since there is no breakthrough in the murder case of Narendra Dabholkar, the needle of suspicion is pointing towards the state government,” Raj told reporters after the daughter of the slain anti-superstition activist, Mukta, called on him at his residence ‘Krishna Kunj’ here.

“There is growing suspicion whether it was a state-sponsored murder as the case is yet to be cracked,” he alleged.

Dabholkar, the noted protagonist in movement against blind faith and superstition, was shot dead at Omkareshwar bridge in Pune on August 20.

Reacting to demands from some quarters to hand over the murder investigation to CBI, Raj said, “..No doubt our police is efficient..It has become a kind of fashion to transfer investigations to CBI. (If that so then) then what is the need of local police?.

Raj said he wondered why no questions are asked to state government over delay in making arrests. “Had the government cleared anti-superstition Bill earlier, Dabholkar’s murder could have been prevented”, he added.

The MNS chief also unveiled a booklet on the Anti-Superstition and Black Magic Bill.

The Bill was recently approved by the state government following growing public outpouring in the wake of Dabholkar’s murder.



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