Cyanide, Satellite phones seized from Lankan refugees in Tamil Nadu


indtamilTwo Sri Lankan Tamil refugees, were among five persons detained, after police seized a satellite phone, GPS equipment and cyanide from their car, during a routine vehicle check in the Uchipulli district of Tamil Nadu, on Monday. Two of them were identified as Sri Lankan refugees and the others as locals and they were being interrogated, the police added.

The confiscation of the cyanide suicide pills carried by the LTTE insurgents tied around their necks elicited suspicion that the LTTE was trying to invigorate the movement after it was crushed by the Lankan forces in the civil war, which ended in 2009. The police also seized seven mobile phones, Rs. 46,200 in Indian currency, Indian and Sri Lankan driving licences from the Lankan Tamil, identified as K Krishnakumar (39), a former cadre in the LTTE in the 1990s and came to Tamil Nadu in 2009.

An officer with the Tamil Nadu police told news agencies that it is too early to jump to any sort of conclusions, but also added that it was clear that these persons had come into the state on some mission. The police had found that five persons in a car travelling to Uchipulli were carrying cyanide and other equipment.

Such Cyanide capsules were used by LTTE cadres at the peak of the civil war in Sri Lanka to kill themselves in case of seizure  by the armed forces both in their country and outside.


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