Crimes have become more heinous, regular


crime against women

In a horrific incident, three men allegedly gangraped a 22-year-old woman in Gurgaon after throwing her nine-month old daughter off the autorickshaw in which she was travelling, leading to the death of her child. In a separate incident, a 23-year-old son of a Delhi Police Sub-Inspector was recently arrested by the Gurugram Police for allegedly raping a widow and her minor daughter on several occasions for over a month and filming the act on his mobile phone. These two incidents are enough to hint at the rising sexual crimes, raising questions about women safety and security not only in Gurgaon. A total of 54 cases of rape have been registered in the city, which includes nine incidents of gang rape.

But then women’s safety and security is an issue across India. In a brutal incident, a woman passenger was robbed and thrown off a Lucknow-bound express train by unidentified persons near Chitbaragaon railway station on Chappra-Varanasi section. The woman was going to Varanasi along with her husband for his treatment.
“Achhey Din Aane Wale Hai” (Happiness and prosperity are round the corner), as proclaimed by the present Narendra Modi government three years back, is nowhere to be seen, particularly when it comes to law and order situation. There might a few sector, where the country might have performed a bit better, but apparently not much has been done to curb crimes. No strong criminal law has been approved by the present goverment after it came to power three years back.

Such passiveness towards maintaining law and order is enough make criminal fearless and the victims helpless. Crime seems to be mushrooming in every section of the society. It includes rape, molestation, murder, kidnapping, robbery, road rage murder, fights, economic offences, etc. The list of mishappenings around us is endless. Increasing rate of crimes can be considered as not only inappropriate. It not only worsens the law and order condition but also instils insensitivity among people, lowers moral values, increases wealth disparities and makes wrong doings acceptable. Fearless attitude of criminals directly hurts the law and order, directly contributing to increase in the number of crimes in the country.

Over past years, crimes against women and children are on rise as they are the most venerable and soft targets. They easily become prey and many times they not able to fight against injustice and are overlooked by the society. Women abuse, for example, is not limited to forceful rape and molestation. In many cases, physical relationship are made on the pretext of marriage, job offers, help and similar other reasons. Most of such women fall victim to fraud and torture. According to the National Crime Records Bureau (NCRB), the crime against women had more than doubled between 2001 and 2015. Karnataka had registered minimum rape cases in the year 2001 but worsened by 2015. Madhya Pradesh was among the three worst states in 2001 that had reported maximum number of rape and and it remained so in 2015. Delhi led the pack with the number of rape cases increasing about six times. In the year 2015, the figures suggested that the total number of registered cases under the head of Crimes against Women was 3,27,394. The number of rape cases were 34,651 and cases of gangrape registered were 2,113.

Under the category of “assault on women with intent to outrage her modesty”, a total of 84,222 cases were registered across the country. The category includes offences such as sexual harrassment, assault or use of criminal force to women with intent to disrobe, voyeurism, and stalking. Kidnapping and abduction of women are also considered heinous crimes as mostly women are tortured afterwards in different ways. According to NCRB figures forcing a woman into marriage continues to be the chief reason to kidnap her. According to the data, in 2015, close to 54 per cent of all abductions of women were carried out to force them into marriage. Second main reason is to push them into prostitutions or other illegal activities , any denial cause these women brutal physical torture.

gangraped five-year old Gudiya(Delhi)Figures show, the Capital of Delhi always remains the nice, comfortable and fearless place for criminals to go ahead with their targeted crimes. Delhi has the highest rate of crimes against women overall. With 17,104 cases, the capital recorded a crime rate of 184.3 per 1 lakh female population. Assam is second with a rate of 148.2, with 23,258 cases.

After women, the another most venerable group in the society is children and if we see around us crime against children are increasing day by day in different form and manner. Children are forced to beg at traffic signals. They are also forced to participate in criminal activities. If they deny, they are beaten up black and blue.

As per the NCRB figures of 2015, minors were involved in more than 50 per cent cases of human trafficking and close to 90 per cent of them are girls trafficked who were forced into prostitution.

The NCRB has for the first time come out with data on trafficking of children. Earlier, data on human trafficking only revealed the number of victims without classifying them into adults and children. According to the NCRB data, Assam, West Bengal, Bihar and Haryana alone accounted for 85 per cent of child trafficking cases in the country. Assam and West Bengal also had the highest rate of child trafficking at 11.1 and 3.8 respectively. In Assam, West Bengal and Bihar, trafficking of children constituted nearly 90 per cent of all trafficking.

According to NCRB data, 2015 witnessed 94,172 cases of crimes against children of which 76,345 were either related to sexual offences or involved kidnapping.

In the year 2015 there was an increase of 5.3 per cent in crimes against children as compared to 2014. Among all the cases rape cases were listed on the top. Under the stringent POCSO, 14,913 cases were registered of which 8,800 were rapes.

A classification on the basis of relation between  accused and the victim shows that close to 95 per cent victims knew the accused. As police has to say on these cases that it is always difficult to prevent rapes committed by family members or those known to victims. 
A few experts have observed that over the years it has been seen that offenders not only raped the victim but fearlessly and mercilessly commited many physical, brutal acts against women or girl. Nirbhaya case was one such example. The culprits not only raped Nirbhaya but they also physically injured her. In the case of Gudiya in east Delhi, the culprit not raped a five-year-old girl but later also inserted some peace of glasses into her private part. Another act of heinous crime took place in UP where culprits burnt alive a girl after raping her to destroy the proof. These are not some of the rare cases but a few of the regular ones. There are many atrocities against women which are never reported or come to light for justice.

Another venerable group of the society is elderly people and records reveals that crimes against senior citizens including murder, robbery, cheating and causing grievous hurt were most common and frequent.These increasing crimes against elderly itself show the apathy, abnormality within the society. The NCRB data showed that a total of 20,532 cases of crimes against senior citizens were recorded in 2015 as compared to 18,714 in 2014. It seems that people in Delhi have become merciless, fearless and ruthless over the years.

In Delhi, 167 out of every lakh of children were victims of crimes while the number for elderly was 107. In both categories , Delhi turned out to be the most crime-ridden state. In terms of number of cases, Delhi stood third with a share of 10 per cent of crimes against children and 6 per cent against senior citizens. Nationally, there were more crimes against the elderly than against children, but in the national capital, the trend was the opposite.

It’s not only crimes against women and child that are showing continuous increasing trend but crimes against common men and elite class are also on the rise . However, they are targeted for different reasons and face different situations.

The cases of murders have also increased. Agression, be it over minor or major issues, are seen majority of the murder cases. A 2012 report suggests that some 252 civilians died in terrorist and insurgency-related violence in India. The same year, 43,355 people were murdered by criminals or ordinary people known to their victims. The number of people murdered was 170 times more than the figure of terror victims. The year was not an exception. This has been a pattern since 2000. The figure puts India at the second place in the list of countries with most intentional murders — homicides. With 58,000 murders in 2012, Brazil tops the chart.

In recent years, even petty and small reasons become the cause for murder. People get killed for not paying credit of mere 50 . The cases of road rage murder leading to murder are also on the rise. Just accidental touch of the vehicles or not giving side or any other small reason led to murders. Dr Jitendra Nagpal, head of the department of psychiatric at Moolchand Hospital, said, “The tolerance and patience levels are coming down day by day. The anger and anxiety cases are on the rise. This behaviour sometimes bust on the roads and become reason for somebody’s death.”

As per 2015 NCRB statistics, Kerala, Tamil Nadu, Madhya Pradesh, Karnataka and Maharashtra are the top five states in India which have the highest number of cases of ‘Causing injuries under Rash driving/ Road rage’. The overall cases of road rage and rash driving in the country amounted to 4,51,069, which means almost 33 people out of every 1,00,000 unleashed their wrath while driving on Indian roads!

Such incidents have gone up by 10 per cent compared to 2014 when the overall number of cases was 409,899. As Kerala reported close to 1,31,000 road rage cases in 2015, Tamil Nadu registered 54,253 cases, followed by Madhya Pradesh with 41,529, and Karnataka with 34,201. Meanwhile, Maharashtra saw 31,161 cases of injury caused due to rash driving or road rage. Considering the high occurrences of such issues, it is no surprise that Tamil Nadu, Maharashtra, MP, Kerala and UP saw the highest increase in road accidents last year. As per the data released by the Ministry of Road Transport & Highways (MoRTH) in May this year, Uttar Pradesh, Tamil Nadu, Maharashtra, Karnataka also recorded the highest number of road deaths in the country.

Increasing number of acid attack on young girls or anyone is another crime which is spreading like mushroom in society. pouring acid on girls simply by refusing either the marriage proposal of the attacker or if the girl refused to befriend with boys or any other silly reason within a second attackers destroy the whole life of girls. They don’t even bother about the repercussions of their act. In many these cases culprits are able to easily escape the law.

To analyse why crimes against women and other section of people are on the rise. Why there is no fear in people’s mind to carry a gun or knife and use them without thinking and not to bother about the consequences.

Also,the patience level of people have coming down drastically. “The law and order condition in the country is deteriorating day-by-day. The person who commits crime remains confident that nothing will happen to him. If crime is committed by some one rich, they use money and contacts to get it hushed up. It’s a known fact  with the help of police the case can be manipulated . The twist and turn given to the cases easily creates ground for the culprit to get free. If at last the case is registered we all know it takes years and years time. All these factors are the main cause that now days people are not afraid of committing crime, whether the act is heinous crime or just simply jumping of the redlight “said Dr Ranjna kumari, Director, Centre for Social Sciences.

“Change in the values and education system are being blamed for the high crime rate. That too, juvenile crimes is to be considered seriously, these juvenile crimes tells us that we lack in teaching children on moral values. Everything cannot be dealt with law and punishment. Moral education is must from the childhood and there are many other reasons which have to be looked into,” she said. “In many countries crimes are increasing. The main reason behind it is growth of unemployment. The cost of living is rising. Some people commit crimes to fulfils their requirements and desires. If we dig out the history of many young and juveniles offenders we find them they are the one who have been tortured by parents or society while they are brought up. Wrong ways of upbringing also leads a child to take the path of crime. For easy money, or for revenge or any other reasons these youngsters easily fall into the traps.

Helplessness, hopelessness and frustration among the youth should be dealt with. Disparities in different strata society creates jealously, revenge and insecurity among the people of the lower strata, because they are deprived of many things they get into undesirable acts, Dr Ranjna kumari added.

“Drugs” is another reason for people to commit crime. When someone is addicted to drugs and unable to support their addiction financially, then mostly he ends up in a world of crime to continue his habits. 
“Media’s influence is huge on people, specially on young ones as they watch crime and violence scenes on screen and even learn how to implement it. “In case of children and juveniles, violent games play leading role in polluting their mind. Seeing and playing games that are full of violence, using guns, knife and abusive language, influence them badly. The result is they don’t hesitate to commit any sort of crime in real life also,” said Dr Nagpal.

Rekha sharma , Member of National Commission of Women (NCW), said, “It’s unfortunate that in most of the heinous cases, more young adults are getting involved. In Gurgaon cases, all the culprits are youngsters. It has been observed that the youth who are involved in rapes or any other crimes against women are the ones who are away from their families. No parental guidance is with them. They are free to do anything they want. Then there is lot of exposure in front of them. Everyone has mobile with porn pictures and videos. There is no restrictions, all this combinedly provoke them to commit crimes against women. They are also aware of the ‘loopholes’ in our laws. Thus, the factor of fear does not affect them while they commit crime.”

“Limited policing resources and pendency in court also contributing factor In rising crime cases . In most of the cases police is also feel helplessness to tackle the situation in limited sources,” she added.

Time has come when we should start facing the reality and ponder why the all sort of crimes are on continuous rise. There is need not only to make stern laws to deal with different crimes but also to make sure that they are implemented in time to get quick results. But strict laws are not enough to handle unemployment issue, sexual offences and other related problems. Moral education should be given to kids from childhood.In families, boys and girls should be taught from the beginning what is wrong and right, how to respect elderly and respect opposite sex. Children must be taught moral values and it must begin from home first. Moral values are like roots of the tree. The more you give water to the roots, more green healthy leaves will grow in the tree.