Cops probe “loud noises” at Los Angeles International Airport, 1 held



The Los Angeles International Airport (LAX) )was forced out on the night of August 28 after the police reported of an active shooter in a terminal.

An investigation is underway to get to the source of the  “loud noises” that the police  have heard at the airport.

Terminals 1 and 2 were cleared and the passengers were readying to go through screening again stated the airport as per a tweet.

The north side terminals were also being cleared, and officials were working to resume normal operations.

A ground stop that was initiated for flights departing for LAX lasted for around 20 minutes before it was lifted at 10 pm, according to CNN.

Ever since the alleged shootout was reported to be rumoured one, a video showed the police to arrest a man dressed as Zorro and armed with a plastic sword in the airport

The Los Angeles Police Department said reports of the shooter had come from two callers, but there was no confirmation, according to CBS News.

The cops in a tweet had said that they were searching the airport and that all precautions were being taken to ensure the public’s safety. While this was so, several passengers were seen rushing out of a terminal.