Cops and Robbersons


The Plot

Chaalis Chauraasi

DIRECTOR : Hriday Shetty

STARRING : Naseeruddin Shah, Atul Kulkarni, Kay Kay Menon, Ravi kishan

Four friends plot to steal money from people selling counterfeit currency. To con the criminals, they decide to dress up as cops and steal a police van. But when dressed as cops, they realise the power of the uniform and the van, and the evening gets a little sidetracked. Right before it comes back on track, it brings with it a dirty Crime- Branch officer who sees through them and without telling them uses them to arrest a gangster at a hotel. Then a chaotic gunfight at the hotel, after which the real cops decide to take over the original heist plan and use the four friends for that as well. Then the climax.

By Mona J

+7 To The Beginning. The dialogue is fresh. And it ends with our band of cops karaokeing to Hawa Hawaat an after-hours shady dance bar, after reprimanding the customers for listening to the shitty band singing sad songs at the bar.

-10 For The Nosedive Into The Item Number in the flashback! Plus 10 to the characters though. Spanking new and shiny.

Stills from the movie Chaalis Chauraasi

+8 To Naseeruddin Shah, who plays a tribute to one of his older performances (Sir), an alcoholic who prefers to drown everything in a bottle, even his own plan to get out of the mess his life has become. Plus eight to Atul Kulkarni and two more for his flashback. The pimp-call girl relationship banter was brilliant.

+8 To Ravi Kishan, for playing the peddler and the player so well. Plus eight to Kay Kay Menon, the car thief with a mission to have the only “dukkar Fiat” in the country.

-10 Because You Don’t Need Item Numbers in a good heist script. At all. Plus four to Rajesh Sharma, the dirty cop who sees through them all and then uses them.

-10 Because When Will We Ever Get Better Junior Actors? Suddenly, when everything is working, they stick out, waking us up from the movie with a jolt.

-10 To The Entire Hotel Sequence. It stretched a bit too much. Also, the lead cast started overcompensating for that. You can’t make Iron Man power a city with his arc reactor. How will he fly then?

+5 To The Idea. Minus five to its deployment. Plus two for using alcohol as a proper character in the first half of the film

-8 Because The Movie Needed To Maintain Pace.The first act has wise-ass banter, alcohol, and crazy decisions. Then, no more lather but just rinse and repeat.


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