Illustration: Samia Singh

NABARUN BHATTACHARYA is a poet and novelist in Bangla. Harbart, his first novel, won the Narsimha Das Award, Bankim Puraskar and Sahitya Akademi Award. He has published seven novels, over 60 short stories and three volumes of poetry. He lives in Kolkata.


SIDDHARTH CHOWDHURY is the author of Diksha at St. Martin’s(2002), Patna Roughcut (2005) and Day Scholar (2010). Day Scholar was shortlisted for the 2009 Man Asian Prize. He lives in Delhi and works in publishing.


MUSHARRAF ALI FAROOQI’s new novel Between Clay and Dust will be published in April 2012 by the Aleph Book Company. He is the author of the novel The Story of a Widow (Picador India).


SHAMSUR RAHMAN FARUQI is Urdu’s leading literary figure today. His Urdu novel Ka’i Chand The Sar-e-Aasman is to be shortly published in English as Wazir Khanam.


PRASHANT MIRANDA grew up in Bengaluru, studied at NID and moved to Toronto 12 years ago. He balances life between Canada and India, where he documents his journeys through watercolour journals.


JUGAL MODY believes that only comedy can save the world from its people. He has worked with the interwebs and social media for Filmfare and is now with TehelkaToke is his first novel.


KR MEERA is a journalist and writer in Malayalam whose short stories, translated both into Tamil and Telugu, have won several awards. Penguin India published Yellow is the Colour of Longing, a collection of her short stories, in 2011.


SUNITI NAMJOSHI’s books include Feminist Fables, Sycorax and theAditi series. Her forth coming books include The Monkey and the CrocodilesA Suniti Namjoshi Reader and The Unloved Queen and Other Stories.


KALKI KOECHLIN is an actor and writer. She and Prashant Prakash won the 2009 Hindu MetroPlus Playwright Award for their play The Skeleton Woman. She won a Filmfare Award for her debut in Dev D (2009), and acted in and co-wrote the film That Girl in Yellow Boots (2010).


AMITAVA KUMAR’s latest book, A Foreigner Carrying in the Crook of His Arm A Tiny Bomb, received the Best Non-Fiction of 2010 Award from the Asian American Writers’ Workshop.


SOURABH RATNU has worked on and off in the film and television industry in Mumbai for the past 10 years. He is interested in people and occasionally tells stories.


RAHUL SONI is a writer and translator based in New Delhi. He is the founder-editor of Pratilipi, a literary journal, and Pratilipi Books, an independent publishing imprint. His works-in-progress include a documentary, a novel and a book of non- fiction.


AKSHAT VERMA is a vichitra veena player who also writes, sporadically, in Bandra, Long Beach and multiple airport lounges along the way.



SNEHA RAJARAM lives in Pune. Her writing has appeared in TimeOut Bengaluru and Penguin’s First Proof 7. She likes to read and write fantasy. Her latest ambition is to be a warg.


ARUNAVA SINHA is a translator of classic and contemporary Bangla fiction. His latest published translations are Harbart and When The Time is Right. He lives in New Delhi.


SAJEEV KUMARAPURAM designs a business weekly to finance his sojourns to the Himalayas. He is currently doodling for an upcoming English horror film.


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