Congress vice president Rahul Gandhi is an extrovert biker

rahul gandhi
Photo: PTI

Little is known about the private life of Congress vice president Rahul Gandhi. The air of mystery that surrounds the Gandhi political dynasty heir also raises curiosity among his followers. Take the case of his Spanish girlfriend, his Harvard degree, or his secret vacations. But what is no more a mystery is his fondness for superbikes. Like his father Rajiv Gandhi, the heir apparent is into automobiles. Yes, Rahul Gandhi is a motorcycle aficionado. People close to him and with knowledge of him being a biking enthusiast share that he owns at least seven motorcycles at the moment. He has a particular liking for Harley Davidson motorcycles and four out of these seven happen to be Harleys.

 It is also said that he owns a Yamaha R1 and likes to go out on a spin late at night when there is low traffic. He is said to ride with his close friends and brother in law Robert Vadra, who shares his love for motorbikes, after 1 am. Rahul is also known to frequent a race track on the outskirts of the city to live out his passion for speed. The reason why not many know about this is because his identity remains under wraps thanks to the biking gear including jacket and helmet.

His biking hobby at times turns into a pain for the SPG (Special Protection Group) who provide him security in the city when he is riding as he travels at mindboggling speeds upwards of 150 km/h making it very difficult for the security personnel to follow him.


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