Congress takes on BJP with Zameen Wapsi Andolan

Digvijaya Singh general secretary, congress
Digvijaya Singh general secretary, congress
Photos: Amit Kumar

Amid a volley of media-questions on the Congress vice-president Rahul Gandhi’s whereabouts, the Congress party held a mass rally called ‘Zameen Wapsi Andolan’ in the historic Jantar Mantar against the BJP government’s land acquisition ordinance. The rally was organized just a day after Gandhian Anna Hazare shook the ruling government with questions regarding the lands of the farmers.

Slamming the Modi-led NDA government, senior Congress leader Digvijaya Singh said, “Farmers seem to be on one side and industrialists on another. People have to decide who they are with”.

“NDA government is betraying farmers, Modi ji has made many promises which haven’t been fulfilled till date,” he added addressing the gathering.

The rally joined by more than 1000 farmers, was led by senior Congress leaders as the Congress vice president is on leave while Parliament session is on. Surprisingly, Congress president Sonia Gandhi didn’t turn up in the mass protest.

Meanwhile, the Gandhian activist Anna Hazare threatened to launch ‘jail bharo andolan’ if the government does not pay heed to the demands. “The government is more worried about the industrialists and not about farmers. The country has woken up now. These people will also take irrigated land and give it to the industrialists,” Hazare remarked against the BJP government. He also rubbished government’s claim that these were more “effective” and “farmer-friendly”, saying it was trying to mislead the people.


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