Congress red-faced over para on Indira Gandhi on Bihar official website



An article on the reign of former Prime Minister Indira Gandhi has been called worse than the British rule embarrasing the Congress party no end.

The write-up on the Bihar government website from the modern history section, while extolling the significant contribution of JP Narayan affectionately called JP to modern India, stated, “It was JP who had opposed the dictatorial rule of Indira Gandhi and Sanjay Gandhi. Fearing people’s reaction, Indira got him arrested and jailed in Tihar before imposing Emergency in June 1975.”

Gandhiji had said in Champaran that he “found elephants just common as bullock carts in (his native) Gujarat”. “In Free India, JP, who had fought for India’s freedom alongside former PM Jawahar Lal Nehru, was treated worse than what Gandhiji received at the hands of the British in Champaran in 1917, for speaking out against subjugation. Though the JP movement brought Emergency to an end and led to the defeat of Indira’s reign as PM which was far worse than British rule in India. Even as he continued with his call for total revolution, JP died due to kidney failure in Bombay in 1979,” read the ‘offending’ paragraph.

Taking exception to it, a red-faced Congress party, which is in alliance with JD (U) and a RJD in Bihar, is planning to take up the matter with chief minister Nitish Kumar.

“We will raise the matter in the party and urge the leadership to take up the issue with Nitish Kumar,” said state Congress leader Chandan Yadav. “Indira was a popular leader and people in Bihar remember her for empowering the poor,” he added.

Meanwhile, Bihar government officials and JD(U) members said that they were unaware of the content on the website. Education minister and BPCC N Pradesh Congress Committee chief Ashok Choudhary, who is also the Minister of Information Technology, the department that runs the state government website, said, “I am not aware of the words used in the website, but I will look into the matter.”