Congress furious as police searches for Rahul Gandhi

Rahul Gandhi, Congress vice- president
Rahul Gandhi, Congress vice- president

Venting their anger on the Delhi Police, several Youth Congress members protested outside Home Minister Rajnath Singh’s residence over Delhi Police’s enquiries about party vice president Rahul Gandhi which the party alleged amounted to political snooping. According to reports, a Delhi Police official visited the Congress office last week and asked about Rahul Gandhi’s physical appearance – his height, colour of eyes and hair. The police said it was a routine enquiry. “Our police officers did not have any malafide intention. This was a routine activity,” Delhi Police Commissioner BS Bassi said.

  Congress  party was not satisfied with the explanation and claimed that police were involved in snooping. “A few days ago, an ASI from Delhi Police headquarters was found snooping, making unnecessary and weird remarks at Rahul Gandhi residence. When stopped by SPG, it was found he was trying to fill up a form with weird questions about Rahul Gandhi’s height, colour of eyes, hair,” Congress spokesperson Abhishek Manu Singhvi said at a press conference.

 Targeting the central government, Singhvi said, “India is a proud democracy, not a police state. We are a vibrant democracy. This kind of political espionage is condemnable.” The Congress demanded an explanation from the Home Minister or Prime Minister Narendra Modi.

 The Congress vice – president Rahul Gandhi has been on leave and is not attending the Budget Session of Parliament where Congress MPs have been protesting vociferously against the Land Acquisition Bill. The Gandhi scion’s leave has  created quite a stir .


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