Coitus Interruptus Feeds the Gator



Pawan Kripalani 

Kainaz Motivala, Raj Kumar Yadav

The Plot
Wasn’t last week’s movie also about a girl punishing her boyfriend for wanting to make a sex tape? The MMSes are blurring now. Ragini and Uday Jhala head out of town for a weekend on their own. Uday is hoping to get some and tape some so he can become a movie star. Ragini has no clue the house has a camera in every room. And an enraged ghost.

By Nisha Susan

+5 For The Choice Of Hanuman Chalisa for the opening credits. Bhoot pisach nikat nahin aavey, Mahavir jab naam sunavey. Yo!

+2 For the road trip montage. It’s a bit credit card ad-like but still fun.

+7 To yadav, who is now the serial-secret-sextape- maker. As Uday Jhala, Yadav is that obnoxious guy whom your friend is too good to be dating. His descent from cocksureness is a big reason this movie is both fun and scary.

+8 For Mayank Tewari’s Lurid, Funny Dialogue that works best in the ventriloquism of Uday’s rudeness or when friend Piya is irritable. Minus five for giving Ragini and Piya the usual “Hello Sweetie Baby” repertoire.

+6 For Uday The Sleazebag’s Endless Complaining about the other couple’s smoking, drinking and messy habits.

+3 For Piya Being The Kind Of Obnoxious Friend that Ragini would have. Plus five for her offering Uday a compensatory head massage.

-5 For Being The Kind Of Horror Film That You Can’t Watch through the hands covering your face. You need your fingers to stuff your ears. The rhythm is nothing happens, false alarm, nothing happens, boo! Predictable but still scary.

+5 For Vishal’s Premature Happiness and Piya’s comment about his performance that he was only Vishal in his name. Plus five for dirty, dirty Uday’s suggestion to Vishal — “Dho liyo bhai.”

+10 To Ragini For Being Nonirritating even though she is screaming for help for most of the movie. It’s a rare gift.

+5 For The Terrifying Way In Which Uday Is Killed. The audience knows that if Uday is made to kill himself, anything can happen.

-10 For The Ghost’s Face. Stupid white plastic mask. There was so much promise in a ghostly nauvari sari. Why show the face at all?

-5 For Ragini’s Inexplicable Reprieve. Why didn’t the ghost kill her?


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