Class 12 textbook terms dowry necessary to marry off ugly girls


sociology-textbookA Class 12 textbook in Maharashtra lists dowry as a major social problem and then says it is a mere compensation for a girl’s ugliness and handicap.

According to sources, this at a time when dowry is seen as a major social evil and girls of marriageable age more often than not reject proposals at the very mention of dowry. In rural areas, the evil continues unabated, while in urban areas the give and take is done in secrecy.

To come back to the point in question, the lesson—‘Major Social Problems in India’—goes on to explain how ugly women find it difficult to get married and hence the ‘give and take’ culture.

It further explains, in case of an ugly or handicapped girl, the parents find it difficult to get her married. More dowry is demanded to get such girls married. They become helpless and pay the dowry as demanded by the bridegroom’s family. This makes the dowry system flourish.

Thousands of students have used the book over the past two years to prepare for higher secondary examinations. Understandably, the statements made in it have made several professors criticise the book.

The professors tend to be very careful while teaching students from this book. The students themselves call it rubbish, said a professor.