CIA chief Brennan’s reports on India, Pak, Afghanistan released by Wikileaks


Brennan1The United States (US) could not oppose Pakistan’s move to have ties with Taliban as it was so desired by Pakistan to balance Indian and Iranian interests in the Af-Pak region, as per a set of private emails of CIA director John Brennan that were hacked and released into the public domain by Wikileaks.

These documents are from the period 2007-09, when Brennan worked in the private sector.

The documents state that Pakistan also used terrorists as agents to counter India’s rising influence in Afghanistan. The classified documents contained reports on Afghanistan and Pakistan, and also ideas for US policy towards Iran, states Wikileaks.

It may be noted here that Brennan, a senior foreign policy and counter-terrorism adviser to Obama, was not nominated as the CIA director, a post that finally went to Leon Panetta.

Initially, US President Barack Obama appointed Brennan as his top counter-terrorism adviser, but in January 2013, he was nominated as CIA director.

Brennan’s views on Pakistan was disclosed in a summary on Afghanistan and Pakistan, which stated that activities in Federally Administered Tribal Areas (FATA) were challenged by Pakistan’s sensitivity towards the Taliban.

“While some elements of Pakistan’s military and intelligence services appear to be uncertain about the anti-Taliban mission in FATA, due to their history of close ties to Taliban in Afghanistan’s conflict with Soviet Union and use of proxies in its conflict with India even as the US intelligence differed on the extent of relationships,” according to his report.

The exposé detailing CIA operations in the region states CIA and FBI personnel regularly visited India, Pakistan and Afghanistan during the period. “Five of us traveled to India, Afghanistan and Pakistan from October 6 2015 to hear perspectives of operators and commanders on the ground and to discuss with them our working hypotheses. However, we were limited in travel to New Dehli, Kabul, Mazar i Sharif, Herat, Kandahar, Orgun, Khowst and Asadabad.”



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