Chinese troops intrude into Arunachal, stay for over two days

Photo: AFP
Photo: AFP

New Delhi, 21 Aug (PTI): In yet another face-off with Indian soldiers, Chinese troops came more than 20 kilometres inside Indian territory in Chaglagam area of Arunachal Pradesh on 13 August and stayed there for over two days. However, the Army Headquarters sought to play down the incursion, saying the Chinese troops have gone back to their areas and such incidents keep taking place as both sides enter areas claimed by the other while patrolling the disputed Line of Actual Control (LAC).

People’s Liberation Army (PLA) troops had come inside Indian-claimed territory and after they were stopped by Indian troops, the two sides showed banners to each other to leave the area, sources said. However, the two sides held to their positions and the Chinese soldiers left after staying put for two-three days. The area falls under the Second Division of the Army and the Deputy Commander of the formation also intervened to resolve the issue.

The sources added that the paramilitary force Indo-Tibetan Border Police is also present in the area to guard the LAC.

In April, Chinese troops entered 19 km inside Indian territory and pitched their tents in Depsang plains in Ladakh. They returned after a three-week stand-off and several rounds of hectic parleys between the top officials of the two countries. Army sources said that in the last eight months,  there have been over 150 incursions by the Chinese side and that Indian troops also enter areas claimed by them during patrolling.


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