Chinese spy ship enters Japanese waters, hinders US-Jap-Indian naval drill


CXJyctFUwAI61uEA Chinese spy ship entered the Japan’s territorial waters on 15 June just as its staff was conducting a naval drill along with India and the United States.

The spy ship was found shadowing US aircraft carrier, John C Stennis in the Western Pacific which Beijing consider as its backyard. It was moving suspiciously in Japanese waters and spotted by a navy surveillance aircraft from Japan.

This is the second intrusion by a Chinese spy ship into Japan’s territorial waters since 2004, raising concerns about China’s rising military presence.

Japanese defence ministry refused to say why the Chinese spy ship sailed into its waters, but Japanese Defence Minister Gen Nakatani said China, as Japan’s neighbour, must be careful.

The US perceives the move by Beijing as trying to wield its territorial assertion, both with surface vessels and submarines.

While this was so, the aircraft carrier commander said the Chinese spy ship was following it from the South China Sea.

Meanwhile, Chinese Foreign Ministry spokesperson Lu Kang said that he was not aware of the situation.