Chinese smartphone market slump to hit global sales



The global smartphone market, after years of growth, may soon be hitting a slump. The market is expected to grow at 11.3 per cent this year, according to the International Data Corporation (IDC) Worldwide Quarterly Mobile Phone Tracker  on 27 May.

The global smartphone sales will hike up to 11.3 percent in 2015, following a robust growth in 2014 of 27.6 percent.

The IDC said the overall market is still moving forward thanks to growth in other countries and estimated sales rising to 1.9 billion units by 2019 from 1.44 billion this year.

Since China is a big market for smartphones, a slump there is likely to affect the global scenario. IDC also claimed this slump will affect Android OS’ growth. The figures presented by IDC confirm with the smartphone shipment records it had released earlier in the year as well.

Although not a bad figure, IDC analysts feel, compared to last year when the market grew 27.6 per cent, it is not promising either.

It had predicted a growth of 11.8 percent in the worldwide smartphone market this year. Despite this, it is on a downward trajectory. For instance, it saw decreasing shipments for the first time in nine years earlier in the month.

Programme Director, IDC, Ryan Reith said, “This has implications for Android for China is a critical market for Android smartphone shipments in recent years, accounting for 36 percent of total volume in 2014. As Chinese OEMs shift focus from the domestic market to the next high-growth markets, they will face a number of

Meanwhile, IDC said it expects Apple smartphones to grow by 23 percent. This is because Apple has won back many of its consumers from Android by coming out with smartphones with larger screens.


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