President Xi Jinping Condemns Execution of Chinese Hostage By IS


Islamic-State-HostageFollowing the Paris attacks that killed more than 100 people, the Islamic State group on Wednesday claimed that it had killed a Norwegian and a Chinese hostage in its English-language magazine, Dabiq .

The magazine featured graphic photos of two bodies that appeared to be Norwegian hostage Ole-Johan Grimsgaard- Ofstad and Chinese Fan Jinghui. “Executed after being abandoned by the kafir (disbeliever) nations and organisations.” read a caption on the full-page photo.

The Norwegian prime minister’s office said the photos “seem to show that the hostage Ole-Johan Grimsgaard-Ofstad was executed. We are still verifying it.”

In September edition, featuring the two men, IS published an “advertisement” that read they were “for sale”.

Meanwhile in China, Beijing has vowed to bring killers of Chinese hostage to justice. Reacting to the development, the Chinese Foreign Ministry said in a statement, “The Chinese government strongly condemns this savage act devoid of humanity and will certainly bring the criminals to justice.”

China’s president Xi Jinping strongly condemned the killing of the Chinese hostage, saying such groups are enemies of mankind.

Fan Jinghui, 50, was a self-described wanderer from Beijing who once taught grade school and sometimes worked in TV production.

“China strongly condemns the brutality of the killing of Chinese national by the Islamic State extremists,” the Chinese president was quoted as saying by China’s official Xinhua News Agency. He expressed his condolences to the victim’s family.

“Terrorists are the common enemy of humankind,” Xi said. “China firmly opposes terrorists of all forms and resolutely cracks down on any crimes that challenge the foundation of human civilization.”



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