China conducts exercise with DF-16 medium range ballistic missile


df16  9 12 12aAn exercise in China was conducted with advanced DF-16 medium-range ballistic missile that has a range of more than 1,000 km. The exercise was conducted by the Rocket Force.

The mobile launch vehicles of DF-16 missile is featured in a video posted last week on the Defense Ministry’s website showing the missiles being deployed during the just-concluded Lunar New Year holiday.

Although China is secretive about its weapons systems, it has released a video of the recent exercise of its troops employing the advanced DF-16 medium-range ballistic missile.

It may be noted that Rocket Force, which conducted the exercise with the missile, is an elite contingent formed especially to handle missiles in its China’s military’s arsenal.

Armed with the DF-16 missile, the Red Dragon can target many countries, including India, Japan and the United States.

The Rocket Fore personnel handled many scenarios, including chemical/biological contamination, countering satellite reconnaissance and electronic jamming. The crews also practiced rapid loading, redeployment and launch sequence, though the video showed no missile actually being launched.

Although the PLA has never disclosed its ballistic missiles’ specifications, two types of DF-16 appeared in the exercise. The video shows the DF-16 to the public for a third time.

The missile made its debut at a military parade in Beijing in September 2015. The two-stage DF-16 replaces the older DF-11. The second stage of the missile will adjust its direction to strike moving targets and evade defenses, and carries a powerful warhead.

Since the election of Donald Trump as US President, China has been striking aggressive postures against Taiwan after he spoke to Taiwanese President Tsai-Ing-wen.