India-Oz-Indonesia effort to arrest Chhota ‘Mohan Kumar’ Rajan


Rajan1In a major breakthrough, Chhota Rajan, 55, has been arrested, on arrival at Bali airport. An accused in the 1993 Bombay blasts, he is also wanted for murder, extortion and other cases.

It was close coordination between India, Australia and Indonesia which resulted in Rajan’s arrest.

Home minister, Rajnath Singh, has confirmed the news of Rajan’s arrest, but added that India would proceed for his deportation, once Rajan’s identity is confirmed. The Central Bureau of Investigation director has confirmed the arrest of Rajan alias Mohan Kumar. The arrest took place yesterday and the identification process is on.  

Rajan, who has been on the run for the last two decades, will be deported to India by the Indonesian police. Once the deportation process comes through, Rajan, who was the former aide of Dawood Ibrahim and later turned into a foe, post the 1993 blasts, will be tried in courts of India for various crimes. According to Headlines Today, Indian officials will have to start the deportation soon.

Since India had issued a red corner notice for 55-year-old Rajan, Australian police and Canberra police alerted the Indonesian about Rajan, whose real name is Rajendra Sadashiv Nikalje, and he was arrested on arrival in Bali. He was travelling on a fake passport, Bali police spokesperson Heri Wiyanto told AFP.

The police also confirmed that Rajan has been living in Australia under another identity and was holding parleys with the India authorities, the spokesperson added.

Official sources said there was a problem as  Raja has not committed a crime in Indonesia, thus it will be difficult to deport him to India. But sources said, Interpol will play a major role in this and India will have to wait for some time before the deportation comes through.



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