Charity for a cause: Did Amar Singh donate $ 5 mn to Clinton Foundation?


Amar Singh : Former Samajwadi General secretary
Amar Singh : Former Samajwadi General secretary

After remaining in political wilderness, former Samajwadi Party general secretary Amar Singh is back in news yet again. According to a new book, Amar Singh might have been instrumental in $ 5 million donation paid to the Clinton Foundation in 2008. The allegation first surfaced in 2008 when a New York Times (NYT) report made similar claims at a time when Congress was negotiating the Indo-US civil nuclear deal.

 According to NYT, Singh is reported to have given between $1 million to $5 million to the foundation and had met Bill Clinton in September 2008 while lobbying for the deal. A new book titled Clinton Cash has brought back the matter yet again, pointing finger at Singh’s role in the donation. Book claims whether Singh was the actual donor or a conduit for other interests in India for pushing the deal forward in US Congress.

 Rumour has it that Hillary Clinton in 2008, a Senator at that time, was among the Democrats who backed the legislation in Congress and was believed to be in touch with Singh. The author, Peter Schweizer, said that if the former Samajwadi Party general secretary is the donor then it would mean he had given 20 percent of his declared financial assets at the time to the Clinton Foundation. However, Singh in 2008 denied being part of such generosity saying that someone else might have given the sum on his behalf. Refuting the latest report Singh maintained he never made any donation to the foundation.

 “That is not my donation, I have not given that money to the The Clinton Foundation,” Singh told the Economic Times. Meanwhile, Singh admitted that he was close to the former US president Bill Clinton but said that his ‘corporate rivals’ were hell bent on insinuating him on this count.


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