Centre’s offer to supply water to drought-hit Bundelkhand turned down


water train

The Uttar Pradesh government on 5 May turned down the Centre’s offer to transport potable water to drought-hit districts of Bundelkhand. “We are not facing a water crisis as severe as in Marathwada,” said the state.

The railway ministry had offered to transport drinking water to drought-hit Bundelkhand, which was politely refused.

“The ministry made us the offer. We told them Bundelkhand doesn’t warrant drinking water trains. They are more needed in Marathwada,” said Suresh Chandra, principal secretary revenue, UP.

Meanwhile, the UP government has made adequate arrangements to meet the crisis situation. The UP government also said the state has made adequate arrangements to meet the emergency in Bundelkhand. At several panchayats in the area, the government has made ferried tankers to meet water shortage.