Can these two words change your life?



“Haven’t you heard dumbo, these are three words and not two on which people often lecture about?” said Ankit who was again at my home, debunking me when I mistakenly told him the headline of this piece.

However, its’ not unusual that whenever I need some quantum of solace, he drops at my face to make sure I am not allowed to have some ‘me’ time. So, this time he was here to tell me that I have forgotten the simple counting of numbers and that too single digit numbers — two and three.

Ankit: Aren’t you talking about ‘I love you’ and ‘I am sorry’? See, these are three words.

Me: Arae nai.. I am…

Ankit: I told you, you are going nuts these days (He continued speaking without feeling any guilt for chopping my words) but I agree with you this time, how important it is to say I love you to our loved ones, I completely agree Yashica. You know these words are the foundation of any relationship and if the relationship goes sour say I am sorry. You got a very solid subject, atleast this time. Write on, I am with you. But mind it, these are three words.

Me: You are with me as if I am going on a war, and by the way I am not…

Ankit: What do you mean; I can accompany you only during wars. After all, you are daughter of my chacha’s sister-in-law’s neighour. I am supposed to take care of you in non-war times also.

But you know I am sick of correcting your silly mistakes. I am tired of telling you that you need more productive topics than playing with these two-three words game. By the way, did you write about Trump’s win?

Me: No, I didn’t.

Ankit: Dekha, I knew it. You need to pick some hit and viral topics. You know there are serious global issues and you are thinking about I love you and sorry.

Me: Hey, listen I am not writing about…

Before I could finish, the doorbell rang and my words were again strangled in my own throat.

My doodhwala was there and while taking one packet milk, I thanked him and may be for the very first time, I was literally feeling gratitude for my fair-skinned doodhwala for coming at the perfect time.

He saved me from Ankit’s hit topic list but at the same time, now I was left with no excuse for not making tea for the uncanny guest, who at the name of tea, will now sit for another one hour.

Even after struggling for next two hours and gulping down two big cups of tea with my distant relative cum friend, I couldn’t succeed in telling him that my mathematics was quite ok, especially when it comes to single digit counting. And, irrespective of the approaching Valentine’s Day, I am not writing on ‘I love you’ or ‘I am sorry’.

How desperately I wanted to tell him that the two words, mentioned in the headline, which have entirely changed my life, are I AM.

Irrespective of your age, caste, colour, nationality and sexuality, these words have the power to reprogram your life. But rarely do you acknowledge the mightiness of the words you think, utter or write.

Your mind believes what you tell yourself and tries its best to create the reality around what you say or believe. Every time you are using I AM, you are passing instructions to your sub conscious mind to think, feel and believe in a certain way. So, it is up to you how do you want to feel or believe.

Just think how often do you find yourself saying “I am not worthy”, “I am feeling anxious”, “I am tired” or “I am sick”.

Probably you don’t even realise how many times in a day you use I AM. Since you have the tendency of keeping your own self ahead of any other creature, hence you frequently use “I Am”, without even thinking these words are the commands sent to your brain.

The moment you think or say, “I am feeling sick today” your mind will accumulate all the available resources to obey your orders and also, it will try its best that you must feel sick. And if you notice, all day you keep on feeling sick, lethargic or unhealthy, which again gives a stamp on your feelings that you are sick today.

So, what you choose to fill up after I Am, you become that. You are the only one who decides on the word that comes after you declare “I AM.” Select discreetly. You must believe in what you tell yourself. Instead of asking for sickness why don’t you ask for prosperity, money, health, beauty or joy?

How about if you execute the two beautiful words in the form of positive affirmations? I AM Beautiful. I AM Love. I AM Fun. I AM Peace.  I AM Truth. I AM Healthy. I AM Successful. I AM Prosperous. I AM Abundance. I AM Bliss. I AM Calm. I AM Celebration. I AM Dynamic. I AM Ease. I AM Feeling Great. I AM
Free. This is the truth of Who You Are, after all.

I couldn’t succeed in telling him that my mathematics was OK, especially when it comes to single digit counting.

By declaring yourself how you want to feel is like commanding your Mind and the Universe to gather all the events and the people to match to your desires. Instead of attracting other non-desirable stuff which you used to carry in your mind, now is the time to create the life which you deserve. The moment you convert I AM into affirmations, you will feel your persona, aura, strengths, happiness stepping into entirely another level. It doesn’t mean you will not feel other experiences in your life, it just means you are taking the reins of your feelings into your hands by declaring yourself that you are choosing what you want to get true.

Meanwhile, Ankit has returned with a long list of global and serious issues on which he thinks I need to write. You too can add to this list by mailing me at