Can human waste be converted to potable water? Microsoft co-founder Bill Gates thinks so



Co founder of Microsoft, Bill Gates is not new to innovation. For a unique project, Gates has teamed   up with a Seattle-based company, Janicki Bioenergy to build a plant, which can turn human faeces into potable water and electricity.   According to Gates, the motto is to build a safe and affordable way to rid human waste properly, so that   millions of lives are saved and children can grow up in a healthy environment.

Many people suffer as   they don’t have access to clean drinking water and through this amazing invention they all will benefit.  The facility burns human excreta at a high temperature (1000 degrees Celsius), nullifyingany foul smell   and meeting all the emissions standards set by the US government.

The plant called Omniprocessor has   been devised and created by Seattle-based Janicki Bioenergy and supported by the Bill and Melinda   Gates Foundation. Bill Gates via his blog says, “Diseases caused by poor sanitation take the lives of   700,000 children every year. If we can develop safe, affordable ways to get rid of human waste, we can   stop these deaths and create a healthy environment for the kids.”


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