BSF jawan posts 2nd video in FB, says he was mentally tortured


Tej Bahadur YadavBSF jawan Tej Bahadur Yadav, who has posted a second video in FB, alleged that he has been “mentally tortured” and that his posting of the first video was to bring to light the alleged corruption in his organisation.

Yadav posted the new video before BSF Director General KK Sharma was to speak to the media. He has made fresh allegations against the BSF and said he was being targeted by the BSF.

While this was so, opposing Yadav’s fresh video, the Union Home Ministry asked the BSF to also look into it as part of the inquiry. He had crossed the line of discipline by posting the second video, it added.

Yadav’s request for voluntary retirement on January 31 this year has been put on hold against pending inquiry. This was being done as he blew the lid off corruption. “What wrong have I done? Prime Minister Narendra Modi speaks of eradication of corruption…I did the same (by posting the video). In return I get an inquiry,” he said in the short video.

The Staff Court of Inquiry (ScoI) for breach of discipline, which was initiated against BSF jawan Tej Bahadur Yadav is in its final stage and a report would be submitted to the BSF Director General soon.

It may be noted that Yadav was the one who posted a video on social media alleging that bad quality food was being given to soldiers. He also claimed to have surrendered his phone to the authorities on January 10 and it was “tampered with”.

In the earlier videos uploaded on social media, Yadav had alleged that while the government buys essentials material for the soldiers, the senior officers “sell them off” in an “illegal” manner in the market and they have to suffer.

Yadav has also accused the BSF of besmirching his reputation as a BSF soldier by alleging that he had befriended Pakistani nationals through Facebook.