Bromance gone wrong


The Plot
This is a story of three estranged loserly brothers, Chixy, Happy and Fancy Gill, who have been put on a quest by their grandfather’s will to stay together in an isolated bungalow for one day a year for three years. The first two years go by with little incident, but in the last year things go a little… awry.


Teen Thay Bhai
Mrighdeep Singh Lamba
Om Puri, Shreyas Talpade, Deepak Dobriyal

+ 10 Because We Love Seeing Shreyas Talpade on screen, since not many scripts can let him loose. Plus two for his entry onto a fake film set a la Om Shanti Om.

+ 5 For Deepak Dobriyal’s happy. Once again, he plays the dor k pretending to be an innocent. Plus two for Dadaji, a prop character.

+ 7 For happy’s Iron-Ic Romance, dental flirtations and a well-written tragic end to the flashback sequence.

+ 5 For building Up A Hrishikesh Mukherjeemeets- Wes Anderson In The First Comic Act. Minus five for making the clowns overlaugh. Hrishida would disapprove.

– 10 For taking Us Back To The Inanities Of Akshay Kumar Comedies and The Three Stooges from time to time. The former too meh, the latter much too black and white.

+ 3 For words like ‘ladies banyan ’ and ‘dil meininfection’, delivered brilliantly by Shreyas Talpade.

+ 10 For The Hot Hippie Hare Krishna Types who belong to a bikini party on a television show. And methi paranthas.

– 5 Because They Didn’t Start With The Hippies Scene. The movie would have actually made sense then. In a Cheech and Chong way.

– 3 Because Om Puri Really Needs To Stop Dying His Hair. Even the comedy of his cheap dye act is overdone. By him.

+ 7 For Making Nautanki Save The Day. Plus three since it reminded us of Andaaz Apna Apna.

+ 5 For The Terminatrixes In The Reunion Scene. Minus 10 for having the great Khali cliché in the climax. This gag stopped being funny in the 1970s.

– 5 For The Toneless Music. The title track is the banal brother of Ishqiya’s Ibn-e-batuta.

+ 3 For Ragini Khanna, the girl-next-door. Le sigh.


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