Bombay High Court stays sale of meat in Maharashtra



Upholding the stay, on sale of meat in Maharashtra on September 17, the Bombay High Court on 14 September refused to interfere with the ban on slaughter of animals on the said date.

“Though Maharashtra government had issued a circular banning meat sale on two days was in 2004, it was never implemented in toto,” the bench observed.

On 12 September, questioning the ban on slaughter of animals and sale of meat in Mumbai for four days, the bench had asked, “How can the  sale be stopped? Will the police and the civic enter houses and say meat can’t be eaten?”

In a relief for the meat dealers, it was while hearing a petition challenging the ban filed by the Bombay Mutton Dealers’ Association. “You cannot have this formula for Mumbai,” the court said.

The Brihan Mumbai Municipal Corporation said it had issued a circular, directing the Deonar abattoir to be closed on September 10, 13, 17 and 18.

Two of these days were selected based on a 1964 BMC resolution and two on account of Maharashtra’s 2004 resolution. “The ban on September 10 and 17 is applicable throughout Maharashtra,” said Narendra Walavalkar, senior counsel appearing for BMC.

He said the ban for the other two days, September 13 and 18, was on account of the BMC’s resolution and applied only to Mumbai.


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