Bollywood’s biggest Friday release: Salman Khan


Salman Khan

It was an important day for Bollywood star Salman Khan. The premises of the Mumbai High Court were filled with the star’s fans, mediapersons and police. The police personnel were prepared to face any situation. So palpable was the tension that one could cut it with a knife.

The suicide attempt by one of the fans of Salman Khan created tension for some time. But, the decision of the court to suspend the sentence had completely changed the scene. The tension vanished as quickly as it had come and celebrations started to begin.

The fans started to cheer each other  and distribute sweets. Some enthusiastic fans, who brought drums to the court premises expecting Salman’s sentence to be suspended,  started beating them with gusto. Fans could be heard shouting “Sallu Bhai, Sallu Bhai.”

Many fans gathered there only to get a glimpse of their favourite actor, who was all smiles now that the court had suspended the five-year sentence. Compare this with Salman who burst into tears on 7 May as son as the court handed down the verdict.

Meanwhile, the police personnel had a hard time in managing the crowd, which was surging by the minute. Happiness was seen on the faces of most people.

Now Salman Khan will heave a sigh of relief, in full, only after facing the music of the courts in the black buck and Arms Act cases.


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