‘Bloodbath is only a figure of speech’

Photo: Shailendra Pandey

You said there will be a bloodbath in Tamil Nadu if LTTE leader Prabhakaran is harmed. Do you stand by it?
I always stand by my statements. I make statements after thorough contemplation. Prabhakaran is a legend for the Tamils. Many are ready to sacrifice their lives for him. Since January, 12 people have immolated themselves for the cause of Eelam [separate Tamil homeland in Sri Lanka]. In this context, I said blood would flow if something happened to him. People may cut their own veins and blood may flow. My words were a figure of speech, nothing more. [DMK leader and Chief Minister] Karunanidhi uses such language. He warns of eruption of volcanoes in his rhetoric. Won’t there be loss of lives if a volcano erupts? Never has MDMK indulged in violence in its 15 years of existence. My cadres are the most disciplined.

Should north Indians living in Tamil Nadu fear attacks because of theEelam issue?
Even in our dreams we haven’t thought of harming anyone. We love north Indians as our brothers and sisters. It is the Congress party that has betrayed [the Tamils]. The north Indians are not responsible for this [the war against Tamils in Sri Lanka]. The Chief Minister of Tamil Nadu is the main culprit, the traitor Number One. The anger of the people is against such traitors and not against the north Indians, who are a peace loving people.

Chief Minister and DMK leader M Karunanidhi was once your mentor. But now you call him a traitor. How do you justify this?
Karunanidhi tried to discredit some of us for our support to the LTTE by saying we took money from the LTTE. He has glorified [Sri Lankan President Mahinda] Rajapakse. He has compared him to a great warrior like Alexander. Karunanidhi has become a traitor.

On what basis do you charge Congress President Sonia Gandhi as responsible for the recent killings of Tamils in Sri Lanka?
Sonia Gandhi is the chairperson of the UPA Government. India has been supplying arms to Sri Lanka for the last five years. It is at her behest that this is being done. She has not uttered a single word on the plight of the Tamils in Lanka, even though thousands of them have been killed. Why has India not demanded a ceasefire in Sri Lanka, when the US, the UK and even the UN have asked for it?

The Congress has betrayed the Tamils. And the Chief Minister of Tamil Nadu is traitor Number One

You recently said that India would disintegrate like the Soviet Union if it failed to respect the sentiments of the people of Tamil Nadu on the Eelam issue.
What I said is a warning to the Indian government. Do not fail to see the writing on the wall. The Soviet Union was one country, but it broke up because of Russian hegemony. India was never one country before the British came.

I believe in India’s unity and integrity and I want it to continue. But if the Congress Government continues its military assistance to the racist Sri Lankan government in its genocidal war against the Tamils there, the seeds of separation will be sown in the minds of the future generation of Tamils [in India]. India’s unity and integrity would be jeopardised then.


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