BJP’s Turn Now: Shiv Sena Insults PM Modi, BJP Leaders On Its Poster


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After launching a series of attacks, including the recent protest at the BCCI office, Shiv Sena has now targetted its ally BJP by displaying huge posters with picture of Prime Minister Narendra Modi and BJP leaders bowing before the late Shiv Sena chief Bal Thackeray.

The lines accompanying the photo read: “(Have you) forgotten the days when your (now) proud necks bowed on the feet of late Balasaheb?”

Reacting to the controversial posters, Sena leader Rajendra Raut said, “We only put up posters to remember our old days, it is not to disrespect any political leader.”

“Today everyone is targeting Shiv Sena, Sainiks feel there should be no alliance but I leave that decision to the leadership,” he added.

According to reports, BMC sources have said that the controversial poster has now been removed.

On Tuesday, BJP leader Arun Jaitley, breaking silence on rising intolerance, appealed calm and restraint, and asked people to engage in “debate, not vandalism.” He said there has to be a proper “civilised mode” of discussing and debating issues.

The finance minster said that those using these methods must also “introspect” whether they are adding to the quality of Indian democracy or are they really reducing the credibility of India as a country in the eyes of the world itself.


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