BJP rejects Chidambaram’s advise to grant autonomy to J&K


chidambaram - 1The Bharatiya Janata Party has unequivocally dismissed the suggestion made by senior Congress leader P Chidambaram for resolving the Jammu and Kashmir (J&K) issue by granting a large degree of autonomy, during an interview.

The suggestion not only reeks of anti-nationalism but also, compromises national security, said BJP leaders.

In an interview on India Today TV on July 21 , Chidambaram had advised “grand bargain’s” restoration under which J&K had acceded to India. He said J&K should be granted a large degree of autonomy, failing which India, he said, will have to pay a “heavy price”.

He accepted the J&K situation was “mishandled” by successive governments in New Delhi and the state, including the UPA. But we corrected ourselves in 2010, he added.

“The Congress leader has said India must assure J&K that the grand bargain would be honoured. What have your governments — from Nehruji’s to the recent Soniaji government — done?” asked Union I&B Minister M Venkaiah Naidu.

“Such comments do not fit him. Chidambaram should not indulge in “cheap politics” while talking about issues of national security. Attacking “certain sections of the media”, he said that they were being sympathetic to “terrorists”.

Chidambaram was only expressing his “personal views.” “My party will be held accountable for whatever we say. There is enough trouble in J&K as it is. I would rather check with the party than give a hasty reaction,” said Congress spokesperson Sushmita Dev.