BJP MP RK Singh criticises Swaraj, Raje for helping Lalit Modi



BJP MP RK Singh, on 23 June said, “It is wrong to help a fugitive. The government must take all measures to bring Lalit Modi back to India to face the law.”

Singh’s comments were the first by a BJP MP against the help given to Lalit Modi, by Foreign Minister Sushma Swaraj and Rajasthan Chief Minister Vasundhara Raje.

The issue has taken the shape of a storm for the Narendra Modi government, even though the Bharatiya Janata Party (BJP) has defended both leaders.

Talking to reporters, Singh said, “If one helps a ‘bhagoda’ (fugitive), wrong legally as well as morally. Whosoever has helped him, I think it is completely wrong,” without taking Sushma or Raje’s names.

Lalit Modi was avoiding warrants and summons and “he is a fugitive and any help given to him or any meeting with him is wrong”.

Meanwhile, Congress said, PM Narendra Modi was burning midnight oil, tyring protecting Swaraj and Raje, through his continued silence.

The Union ministers have also given clean chits to both leaders sans probe , thereby “exposing” the BJP’s double standards.

RPCC president Sachin Pilot said, “The allegations against the duo were made by Lalit Modi. We demand their resignations on legal, ethical and moral grounds,” at a press conference, in Jaipur.

Targeting the Prime Minister, Pilot said, his silence on this issue has exposed him and he was losing political capital day-by-day, said CNN-IBN.

“Na Khaunga Na Khane Dunga (neither will I take bribe, nor will I allow anyone to take bribe) have come to haunt him. We will not let the issue die down. Congress will raise it in Parliament and in the Rajasthan assembly sessions.” .


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