BJP members shouts Anti-Pakistan slogan in J&K Assembly


assam - bjpCondemning the three recent terrorist attacks in Jammu and Kashmir, Bharatiya Janata Party (BJP) members shouted anti-Pakistan slogan in Jammu and Kashmir Assembly.  The assembly witnessed noisy scenes as the BJP legislators shout “Pakistan murdabad” and (Indian) “security forces zindabad” and demanded a resolution in the house.

 BJP leader Ravinder Raina said, “Pakistan is a terrorist state which has been sponsoring terrorism in India. The terrorist attacks that took place yesterday must act as an eye-opener for those who advocate the revocation of AFSPA.” India need to strengthen the hands of security forces to take on terrorism “with an iron fist,” he added.

 The Assembly witnessed BJP members; carrying placards with “Big No to AFSPA removal” and “Pakistan Hai Hai” (down with Pakistan) stormed the well of the House as they demanded a resolution condemning Pakistan “for sponsoring terrorism in India” must be passed.

 BJP member Dr Gagan Bhagat said, “Our security personnel are killed, innocent civilians are killed by the Pakistan sponsored terrorists. This House must send a strong message by passing a resolution condemning Pakistan for its acts.” Later, speaking to media person, Ravinder Raina said, “The situation is not ripe for the revocation of AFSPA from any part of the state… Pakistan is continuously stabbing us in the back”.



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