BJP cadres should work hard to present alternative to UPA: Modi

Narendra Modi during BJP National Council meeting in New Delhi. Photo: PTI

New Delhi, Mar 3 (PTI): Gujarat Chief Minister Narendra Modi, who is being projected by some in BJP as its Prime Ministerial face for 2014 elections, today asked his party cadres to work hard to present an alternative to the UPA government.

Against the backdrop of the demands for his projection as the party’s PM candidate, Modi sought to play down the issue.

“Who is the person, or who is the candidate, it does not matter in the BJP,” Modi said in his speech at the party’s National Council meeting here.

“People of the country have decided to dislodge (the present dispensation)…We have to see how much we can contribute towards that. Believe me, Congress cannot escape under any cirumstances. For the country, we will have to present an alternative,” Modi said.

Modi said that BJP governments were working for the development of the states while accusing Congress of having no intention to develop the country.

He also attacked Congress on the issue of corruption and alleged that commissions were paid whether it was the case of helicopter purchase or spectrum allocation. Comparing the performance of both the parties, he said it appears that “BJP is with a mission and Congress is for commission.”

Modi also alleged Congress was not promoting the development of a strong leadership.

He said that inflation had hit the common people but the government at the Centre was “unresponsive”. Those sitting in Delhi should look at what the BJP governments in states like Gujarat, Bihar and Madhya Pradesh were doing to ensure development and welfare of the people, he said.


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