Bihar polls: BJP sold tickets to criminals, says party MP, MLAs follow



A BJP MLA followed MP RK Singh on 27 September in alleging that the party was selling tickets for Bihar polls.

“I substantiate RK Singh’s charge that the Bharatiya Janata Party (BJP) has sold tickets to criminals as I have been denied a ticket from Raghunathpur assembly seat and replaced by Manoj Singh,” alleged Vikram Kunwar, sitting MLA.

In potentially damaging remarks for the party ahead of the high-stakes Bihar polls, charge though dismissed by the party, was termed as “exceptionally grave” by rival parties. Another BJP leader and former minister Chandramohan Rai also accused the part on 27 September, of “selling” tickets to criminals.

Playing up the the allegations, chief minister Nitish Kumar said, “There must be some truth in it since it has come from Singh. He said, “While on one side there is unity, on the other side there are fights, troubles and differences. An MP of the BJP has openly accused the party on how tickets are being distributed by the BJP, thereby exposing the true colours of the BJP.”

Maintaining that he would be loyal to the party, an angry Kunwar said that he would not campaign for the party candidates even if he was asked to do so.

On another issue, Nitish Kumar said the BJP-led coalition at the Centre will abolish reservation for OBCs, SCs and STs if it wins the assembly elections.

Meanwhile, an editorial of Panchajanya, the RSS called Rahul Gandhi as “young Mr India of the old party”, the said he is missing from the scene (Bihar polls) as usual. The captain has abandoned the ship and gone missing leaving the burden of steering the party on old shoulder.”

It also mocked his acolytes who still “describe his trip as another occasion for some sort of an unknown global meet”.

The editorial, attacking the grand alliance, stated “Secular and socialist parties are afraid. Irrespective of who loses the Bihar polls, secularism will be ultimately harmed. Communal leader Owaisi will cut into not the radical communal votes, but the liberal secular vote.”

The Bihar chief electoral officer, in a release, said, 22 weapons/arms and 53 cartridges were seized from across Bihar, licenses of 157 arms cancelled, and 789 non-bailable warrants executed. Cash worth Rs 2.66 lakh, 7,725 litres alcohol were also seized.


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