Bihar Polls 2015 : Ahead of the results, Lalu Yadav gung-ho about Grand alliance win



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Aaj aur kal kewal chhota machhali chalega, no talks on politics. This is what Lalu Prasad Yadav, the maverick leader, said the people who assembled at his residence on the morning of November 6 to get some feedback on the electoral prospect besides to have a little political discussion on ‘’victory or defeat’’ of the party.

Lalu Prasad Yadav  was in relaxing mood understandably to energise himself to ‘celebrate’ the victory in the battle of Bihar after the results  on November 8. Posing as trustworthy psephologist he declared that the Grand alliance would be getting not less than 190 seats. “I have addressed as many as 230 public meetings across the state and felt the pulse of the electorates”, he said in order to buttress his point.

One of his close supporters has brought fresh small fish, found in the nearby Sone river, for him. The fish is popularly known as ‘Bachawa’ and happens to be very costly and tasty. In the Patna market the on-going rate of the fish is about rupees 400 per kg. Glancing at the basket in which the fishes are kept, the RJD supremo with smile instructed his men, “call me in to the kitchen when they are cooked. I will guide the cook to make them delicious”.

On the other hand, his ‘chhote bhai’ and neighbourer, Nitish Kumar is reported to be busy in suggesting the party leaders to be cautious during the counting of the voting. An official, however, told Tehelka that the chief minister had been taking rest since the campaigning came to an end on November 3. Truly the chief minister has been avoiding in engaging himself into formal or informal chat with the pressmen unlike Lalu Prasad Yadav. “He will open his mouth once results are declared”, he said.




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