Bihar Floods: Whose fault?


Bihar flood (3)

While the marooned people desperately look for rescue and relief assistance, the politicians of the warring groups are locked in blame-game against each other on the issue of what caused the devastating flood in Bihar.

Chief Minister Nitish Kumar is of the findings that the silt deposits in the bed of river Ganges following the construction of Farakka barrage in 1975 is the root cause of the recurrent flood in Bihar. He has demanded demolition of the barrage to save the lives of people forever.

On the other hand, Sushil Kumar Modi, senior BJP leader, and former deputy chief minister has out rightly rejected the assertion of Nitish Kumar. “The senior officials of the union water resources ministry informed me that there is no scientific evidence to prove that the floods in Bihar have been occurring due to Farakka Barrage”, said Modi while speaking to TEHELKA.

Bihar flood (2)He alleged that the chief minister was hoodwinking the people by raising the issue of the Farakka barrage as the main reason behind the flood. “In fact, he wanted to divert the attention from the real causes of the flood as well as government failure on the distribution of relief material among the affected people”, he said.

Meanwhile, reports coming from the flood affected areas suggest that the state machinery has failed to provide adequate food and other materials. Even the chief minister was overheard saying a select set of journalists that he was not satisfied with the role of two district magistrates of Katihar and Vaishali district in dealing with the flood victims.