Bhojpuri performances at Kalindi Kunj hurt the sentiments of Purvanchalis

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Chatt Puja is festival widely celebrated in several parts of India. People, on this day, thank the Sun God for sustaining life on earth, along with praying for prosperity and wellness. Chatt is widely celebrated in the states of Bihar, Jharkhand, eastern UP, and Nepal.

However, Chatt celebrations took on a different flavour this year, at Yamuna Ghat in Kalindikunj.  In an event organized by South MCD under the supervision of BJP counsellor Bir Singh [ward no. 207], and his brother Brahm Singh, who contested elections, in 2015, from the Okhla Assembly. The Chatt celebrations organised under their supervision were marked by vulgar and obscene music and dance performances.

A video recording of the event shows a popular Bhojpuri song, ‘Godiya me humka le la piya (Let me sit on your lap, my love)’, was being sung out there publicly during the religious event.

Taking into consideration the expenditure by Narendra Modi, during the Bihar elections, giving the people of ‘Purvanchal’ utmost importance, this event organized by one of their party members, seems to have hurt the sentiments of the Purvanchalis, quite unlike the sentiments expressed during the Bihar election campaigns.

Tehelka witnessed Bir Singh, present at the ghat on the said day, who when contacted later, refused to acknowledge his presence at the said event. However, he did express his  displeasure with the apparent obscenity with which the event was celebrated.

Sanjay Singh, who is from Purvanchal, along with others like him, raised their voices against the ‘obscene’ song and dance numbers performed during the event.

Tehelka spoke to AAP MLA Amanatullah Khan, also from Okhla, about his take on the said event. Khan felt that such celebrations, in the name of religious festivals, are quite disrespectful towards the sentiments of those for whom it holds religious significance. He further added that such privately held celebration at the Yamuna Ghat are a common practice, however, he added that action will be taken against such events, the next time around. As a solution to this, he assured that these ghats will be registered under government, in order to prevent such events from taking place, in the future.

Several AAP members, along with others from the audience, opposing these celebrations, took a stand against the organisers, as well as the event. This also prompted the police to take immediate action. The police, however, did not take any action, until members of the AAP, and other audience members made a hue and cry.

Yamuna Ghat, this time around saw Purvanchalis , turn out on a huge numbers for Chatt celebrations.

Prashant, from Bihar, an audience members present at the said celebrations, said that he felt ashamed, as in his opinion, the Bhojpuri language was being misused, as well as negatively portrayed, along with the name of Bhojpuri cinema was being tarnished, by playing obscene Bhojpuri songs at religious events.

A short clip from the event can be viewed below:




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