Bhaag DK Bose

Delhi Belly
Delhi Belly Composer : Ram Sampath, Singer: Ram Sampath, Lyricist: Amitabh Bhattacharya

THE HIT DK Bose, a typical underdog, a disappointment to his father (Daddy mujhse bola, tu galti hai meri/tujhpe zindagani guilty hai meri).

THE HOOK The DK Bose joke is almost tagged on to the song like a parlour trick. An attention- seeking con based on an old campus joke. Bhaag DK Bose has attitude. Be it the music, lyrics or the video, everything is cheeky, irreverent but self-deprecating. Hum toh hai kabootar, do pahiye ka ek scooter zindagi, jo dhakelo toh chale/Arre kismat ki hai kadki, roti, kapda aur ladki teeno hi, paapad bele toh mile.

Photo: Deepak Salvi

THE BACK STORY Delhi Belly has been in the making for the past three years, but the song was recorded just two months ago. Scriptwriter Akshat Verma wove in a character, DK Bose, who was finally left out of the film. But the idea refused to die. Producer Aamir Khan’s brief was to make the song about the underdog, who runs from pillar to post, trying to keep up with the mad pace of life.

THE INFLUENCES The music is a cunning mix of Green Dayinspired punk rock with Baul influences. Music composer Ram Sampath explains: “The rhythm is derived from Baul music. The narrative style of the song is inspired from gypsy music and so is the singing style, belting-till-your-voice-cracks. But, it is finally a desi punk rock song.” Music reviewer Amit Gurbaxani says, “It sounds like nothing we have heard in an Indian film before.”

THE CREATOR Composer/singer Ram Sampath (right), 34, has been in the film industry for seven years. Prior to DK Bose, he had composed music for films like Khakee (2004), Peepli [Live] (2010) and singer Shaan’s hit album Tanha Dil. “I dropped out of the Bollywood race as I did not get the chance to make the music I wanted.” These days he is busy with his next project, Aamir’s next film, but DK Bose follows him on Facebook, Twitter and everywhere he goes.

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